Quick response, comprehensive roof repair & maintenance services.

Our commercial roof Repair & Maintenance division addresses the problems faced by property owners by finding ways to eliminate damage caused by water. We believe that proper repair and maintenance can vastly prolong the life of your roof. Turn to us for quality workmanship, and for guidance as you choose the best maintenance system for you.   

Roofing Repairs
No one in the industry is as dedicated to quick response as Harbor Roofing. We ensure quick response and attention. If you have a leak in your commercial building, we make immediate plans to come to your location to survey the damage and make proper repairs.

Roofing Maintenance
Ask about our comprehensive maintenance program that fits your commercial building’s needs and your budget. It’s important to know that most roofing material manufacturers warranties require periodic inspections.

  • No Maintenance Plan
    • Costly
    • Reacts to Roof Problems and Emergencies
  • Our Maintenance Program
    • Economic
    • Proactive

Plan of Action for Your Roof Maintenance

  1. Survey and draft a footprint of your facility.
  2. Set priorities based on your budget.
  3. Integrate repairs and reroofs into your building’s specific details.
  4. Comply with all building codes and insurance requirements.
  5. Maintain an extensive file of your repair records, pictures and warranties.

Message from Terry Vale, President:

"Thank you for choosing Harbor Companies. No matter what service is required, we are available to help you whenever you need us, and the emergency contact line goes directly to my phone. I’m proud of the business we have built, and we recently completed the Goldman Sachs Small Business Initiative.”