What is steel building construction?

Steel building construction is the erecting of a pre-fabricated steel building system, customized to the customer’s specifications. It is suitable for all types of commercial buildings. Our primary focus is on industrial retail structures. From start to finish, our number one priority is the customer’s satisfaction.

Steel building

What we will do:

  • Work with the customer to design a unique structure to meet all their needs, from dimensions to style preferences.
  • Provide all architectural, engineering, and trade labor necessary to complete the project.
  • Acquire the proper permits and abide by state, local, and OSHA building codes.
  • Begin with the foundation work and end when all construction is complete. From the ground up, we work hard to ensure that the customer will be satisfied with the result for years to come.

We hold licenses with multiple metal manufacturing companies.

Message from Terry Vale, President:

"Thank you for choosing Harbor Companies. No matter what service is required, we are available to help you whenever you need us, and the emergency contact line goes directly to my phone. I’m proud of the business we have built, and we recently completed the Goldman Sachs Small Business Initiative.”